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National MultiCultural Institute (NMCI) and
FutureWork Institute, Inc. Announce NMCI's Transition
to International MultiCultural Institute (iMCI)

NEW YORK, January 2, 2013, - Starting on January 1, 2013, the 29-year old National MultiCultural Institute (NMCI), partnered with the FutureWork Institute, Inc. (FWI), will become the International MultiCultural Institute, iMCI, headquartered in New York City. A private, non-profit organization, iMCI will maintain NMCI's focus on diversity and inclusion in the not-for-profit, healthcare, education, government and small business sectors.

In addition to providing global education, training, advocacy and research in diversity and inclusion, social justice and cultural competency, iMCI will offer innovations in the not-for-profit world such as D&I training in 3D immersive virtual reality, webinars conducted on virtual platforms, global projects in South Africa and Latin America, and Training-of-Trainers in Europe and North America.

Margaret Regan, iMCI Chair and FWI President and CEO, said "I am honored to carry on the legacy of NMCI and move it to the global stage with the cadre of consultants who have devoted many years to working in the not-for-profit sector to help organizations continue their diversity, inclusion and social justice journeys."

Elizabeth P. Salett, Founder of NMCI, expressed pleasure that while the name and location will change, NMCI's mission, work and passion for social justice will continue. iMCI and FWI are separate organizations, with iMCI consulting in the not-for-profit arena, and FWI focusing on companies in the for-profit world.

iMCI will operate through a Consulting Consortium and partner with FWI for its Annual Diversity Leadership/FutureForum Conference. This year's conference, held in New York City, was a major success, with sponsors including Ogilvy & Mather, Moody's, Boehringer Ingelheim, Johnson & Johnson, Sodexo, Raytheon, Weil, AMD and Abercrombie and Fitch. FWI will also continue to translate future trends to transform organizations and help clients experience a mindshift, heartshift and skillshift to create a more diverse, flexible and inclusive workplace.

iMCI Consultants

Alma Abdul-Haddi Jadallah
Sue Brotherton
Juan Callejas
Tod Ewing
Iantha Gant-Wright
Cheryl Gardner
Amber Mayes
Martha Miller
Stephanie Pollack
Steven Revelis
Karyn Trader-Leigh
Emilio Williams
Eva Young

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Asked about the small "i" in iMCI, Margaret Regan, said it represents:

"international," since it is now a global institute; (See link to Emzingo, our first global project)

"internet," since the Consulting Consortium services will be run virtually from New York and Florida offices; and

"individual," for its presence on many individual's social networks.


Margaret Regan
Chair, iMCI
President & CEO, The FutureWork Institute, Inc.

Elizabeth P. Salett
Founder, NMCI

(718) 832-8625